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Mualim Hajj & Umrah Device

Mualim Hajj & Umrah Device

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Fulfilling the rituals of Hajj and Umrah is both a spiritual and logistical challenge. Pilgrims must properly perform intricate prayers and supplications across holy sites, all while navigating crowded areas. The Muallim Haj and Umrah Device solves this dilemma through innovative guidance and communication tools.

Weighing less than a smartphone, this compact personal assistant fits easily in any pocket. Through its touchscreen interface, the Muallim walks users step-by-step from preparation to completion. No need to struggle with remembering complex routines; this mualim hajj clearly maps each movement and word. When doubts arise at any stage, quick checks reassure the pilgrim that everything is on course.


The Muallim Haj and Umrah Device is a handy electronic guide designed to help Muslims fulfil the rituals of Hajj and Umrah. As a digital mualim hajj, it takes the user step-by-step through each part of the pilgrimage, clearly explaining what to do and say. With the press of a button, this umrah device recites important supplications word-for-word while displaying the name of the dua, allowing users to follow along easily and ensure they perform each prayer correctly. Weighing only a few ounces, this mualim hajj is lightweight and portable enough to take anywhere.

In addition to guiding users through the rituals, this umrah device also serves as a useful FM radio. Pilgrims can tune into live broadcasts of khutbas given from Mount Arafat as well as prayers taking place at the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and the Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina. Whether listening to the sermon on Arafat Day or following along with congregational prayers, this mualim hajj makes it simple to participate even from afar.

With its high-quality audio and intuitive user interface, the Muallim Haj and Umrah Device ensures an easy pilgrimage experience. The graphical display clearly shows what dua is being recited, while the clear sound allows users to repeat the words along with the recording. Over 35 unique features are incorporated to fulfil every need of Hajj and Umrah travelers. From guides to duas and prayers, live broadcasts to an FM radio, this umrah device packs it all.

The Muallim Haj and Umrah Device is truly the perfect travel companion and Hajj/Umrah partner. Lightweight yet full of helpful tools, it ensures pilgrims can properly fulfil their religious duties no matter where they are. As a digital mualim hajj, it takes the hassle and uncertainty out of performing the rituals by providing clear, easy-to-follow guidance. Overall, with its comprehensive Hajj and Umrah resources plus portable design, the Muallim Haj and Umrah Device proves itself an invaluable electronic aide for any Muslim embarking on the sacred journey of a lifetime.


✔️ Comprehensive Hajj Umrah Guide
✔️ Digital Teacher for Hajj Umrah
✔️ Duas for Hajj & Umrah Included
✔️ Live Arafat Khutba via FM
✔️ Live Prayers from HARMAIN via FM
✔️ 3.5mm Jack and FM Radio
✔️ Graphical Keys for User-Friendly Experience
✔️ High-Quality Voice Output
✔️ 35 Features Integrated
✔️ Ideal for Travelers as the Perfect Hajj & Umrah Partner


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Kanwal zafar

The best thing some one can have ❤️❤️ u make are life’s so easy 🤲lots of dua for all of you

Muhammad Asim

Mualim Hajj & Umrah Device

Muhammad Usman
Add these features to hajj device.

Please add speaker 🔊 mode & also change hands free because sound is not active cancellation and also provide battery🔋

Irfan Ullah
Amazing technology

Assalam-o-Alaikum WRWB
Ma-Shaa-Allah Muslim Hajj and Umrah device Ahsanul Kalam ki taraf sy eik behtareen presentation Hy Jo her Musalmaan k Liye intihayee zarori Hy. Jo Hajj aur Umrah ky istitaat rakhty hon. This device makes Hajj and Umrah both too much easier for all Muslims all over the World to perform Hajj and Umrah in accordance with Ahkam e Shariah in the light of Quran and Sunnah. A very useful device to make Hajj and Umrah easiest to be performed. I personally recommend this for every Muslim man and woman both to have with them this device during the Hajj and Umrah.

Almighty Allah give best reward to AHSANUL KALAM Team in this regard Ameen Summa Ameen
Saif Ullah SWABI KPK.

Bashir Ahmed

Device is a perfect guide and very informative for umrah and hajj purpose all the tips r available in this device.