About Ahsan Ul Kalam

Welcome To Ahsan Ul Kalam

Ahsan ul Kalam is an Islamic gadget manufacturing company proudly associated with a world renowned electronic company DANY Technologies functioning in the circulation and development of premium electronic brands since 2001.


our mission is to widespread the teachings of Islam by making it available and accessible to every Muslim and therefore reaps the rewards in this world and the hereafter. With this precious device our aim is to help people understand Quran with the ease of Technology. 


 Our vision is to initiate a self-learning concept of Quran so that this divine knowledge must be inculcated to every Muslim which he can yield greater benefits of. We wish for a step ahead, where we can move from reciting to actually implementing the Quranic Teachings.


Our Strategy is to focus on using 360 degree approach to encompass all the platforms for reaching out the audience by utilizing all the conventional and contemporary ways of communication and by taking advantage of the modern technology for spreading Quranic knowledge at scale.