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Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:  "A good dream is from Allah and a bad dream is from Satan, so if any of you has a bad dream which make him afraid, he should spit on the left side and seek from refuge with Allah from its evil, for then it will not harm them"     

What does it mean?
It means that when ever you're having a good dream like you are eating 3 flavor of is cream or eating a big lava cake or flying an airplane through the fully cloudy sky, it means that its a good dream and its from Allah. 
If you're having bad (scary) dream during sleep then it means that its from Satan, These kinds of dream that make you go to your mother's bed and on your mother's lap are from evil Satan. So kids don't be scared from these bad dreams, you can blame satan for those bad dreams because Allah always make us dream in a good manner. So the best part is there is a solution for this just spit on your left side the bad dream from satan can not harm you. So when you wake up from a bad dream spit and then make dua " O Allah protect me".